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Best JEE NEET Math Science Coaching Jalandhar Foundation Institute Tuition Center near me

Math Science Olympiads NSO IMO RMO Coaching Center in Jalandhar

Math Science Olympiads NSO IMO RMO Coaching Center in Jalandhar

Math Science Olympiads NSO IMO RMO Coaching Center in Jalandhar

ANAND CLASSES Foundation programs are a path to excellence to school students targeting Olympiads, NTSE, NSTSE and other Talent Tests. Anything that has to be built in constructive manner with long term planning and growth prospect needs strong foundation and so is the case with academics of a child. Foundation years of V to X standards are important in developing right learning pattern and aptitude among students.

The Olympiads are held nationally and worldwide, and they encourage students from similar academic disciplines or levels to compete. Olympiads, whether national or international, are widely regarded as one of the most difficult exams to pass. The coveted tests help students develop a competitive mindset while also allowing them to evaluate their knowledge and awareness of a subject topic to that of their competitors.

ANAND CLASSES Foundation Programs are essentially a platform to develop the required qualities and nurture the idea of excellence among students in lower academic grades (V-X) along side setting some short term goals to assess the development of the student through excellence in school level competitive examinations (Olympiads, NTSE, NSTSE, KVPY etc.,) and regular academics.

Math Science Olympiads NSO IMO RMO Tuition Center in Jalandhar

Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation Division of ANAND CLASSES for CBSE Class V to IX is a perfect blend of interactive classroom sessions, subjective tests and co-curricular activities. The course objective is to build a strong foundation in academics designed as per continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern which leads to the excellent performance of students at school level studies together with their overall personality development.

Best Coaching for Math Science Olympiads NSO IMO RMO in Jalandhar

ANAND CLASSES foundation courses are meticulously designed for the students of Class V – X that prepare them by laying a strong foundation for Medical, Engineering and other competitive exams including Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY), Olympiad, and National Standard Examinations (NSEP/NSEC/NSEA/NSEB). We also provide supplementary materials to the students for the preparation of the mentioned competitive exams. In addition to interactive classroom sessions by our highly qualified faculties, comprehensive study material for each subject is also provided to our students.

Olympiads provide a unique competitive platform to young intellectuals. They help students analyse their weak and strong attributes and bring out the best in them. Olympiads are highly challenging in nature which improves students’ aptitude and builds their confidence. Each olympiad is a separate exam with its own organizing body and a common set of rules and regulations.

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national level scholarship program in India that started in 1963. The purpose of the scheme was to identify talented students and nurture their talents.

List of Olympiads Exams held in India :

  • IMO – International Maths Olympiad
  • IEO – International English Olympiad
  • NSO – National Science Olympiad
  • IGKO – International General Knowledge Olympiad
  • NCO – National Cyber Olympiad
  • ICO – International Commerce Olympiad
  • PRMO – Pre-Regional Mathematical Olympiad
  • RMO – Regional Mathematical Olympiad
  • INMO – Indian National Mathematical Olympiad
  • IQAA – International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • IAO – International Astronomy Olympiad
  • IBO – International Biology Olympiad
  • InChO – Indian National Chemistry Olympiad
  • INAO – Indian National Astronomy Olympiad
  • InPho – Indian Association Of Physics Teachers
  • INBO – Indian National Biology Olympiad
  • NSTSE – National Level Science Talent Search Examination
  • NSEB – National Standard Examination in Biology
  • NSEJS – National Standard Examination In Junior Scientific
  • NSEC – National Standard Examination in Chemistry
  • NSEP – National Standard Examination in Physics
  • IOM – International Olympiad of Mathematics
  • IOQJS – Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Junior Science
  • IOQM – Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Mathematics

Olympiad Exam Coaching Center near me in Urban Estate Phase-II Jalandhar

To nurture the aspirations of Junior Class Students for various competitive exams such as NTSE, Olympiads, and other competitive and scholarship examinations, ANAND CLASSES Foundations became functional in the year 2009. This is also the youngest classroom course division of ANAND CLASSES. ANAND CLASSES Foundations aims to prepare students by laying a strong groundwork for medical, engineering and other competitive examinations in advance.

Olympiad Coaching near me

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